Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Reference Finder / Weight Tracer

During ESUG's Show Us Your Projects, I gave a demo of a really fast reference finder I had written in Cuis a number of years ago.  During ESUG, Jan Vrany and I wrote an enhancement to the reference finder: a so-called weight tracer.  What this tracer does is tell you which objects only "hang" from a given object.  That is, if the given object goes away, the weight tracer shows what other objects would be collected as well.

Initially, the weight tracer required about two minutes per scan.  I managed to cut that in half at ESUG with some less than ideal hackery.  But today I really understood what was going on.  After deleting the unnecessary hackery, and with just a few tiny changes, the weight tracer runs just as quickly as the reference finder: a couple tenths of a second.

And it's tidy code, too :).

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