Thursday, April 02, 2015

Fundamentals volume 2 --- chapter 7 is done

Wow, it's been such a long time since I posted updates.  Surely a lot of stuff has been going on since December 2012, but still!

I found a new editor and the teamwork is great.  Since none of volume 2's text had been edited, the first order of business was to review the ~200 extant pages.  This took a while, but I'm really happy because we ended up deleting roughly 15 pages --- and that's the net effect, because I added some extra material as I went through the text too.

Not long ago we started reviewing chapter 7, and a few weeks ago we finally got to the tip of the written text.  And now, all the text for chapter 7 ("On Threading") is basically done.  The exercises include real gems.  But there are "only" 27 of them right now, so who knows... I might add more over time :).

Chapter 8, "On Recursion", is next.  Reviewing my notes for the chapter was exciting, there is a lot of new material I haven't talked about yet!

The draft is at 204 pages.