Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Smalltalks 2013 video now available

Check out the playlist here.  Don't dare miss Smalltalks 2014!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

HPS code size so far after 7.10

So, I am working on the next VisualWorks release, and yes we are deleting obsolete / unused / unnecessary code.  Specifically, we have removed about 5200 5700 9500 LOC from the VM so far in this release cycle which has just begun.

Maybe deleting code does not sound glamorous.  However, keep in mind we are in an unprecedented period of almost 7 years in which source code size has monotonically decreased with every release.  In fact, the current HPS VM source code base is as large as it was roughly 20 years ago.  Moreover, HPS is far more robust, is significantly faster regarding GC in particular, and has new non-trivial features.

The metrics I showed in my presentation at Smalltalks 2013 also illustrate a marked increase in closed VM tickets during these last 7 years.  In other words, our clean up efforts allow us to work faster in the long run.

And we are not done deleting cruft yet.