Monday, December 24, 2012

Update on memory manager work

A while ago we were going over the memory manager changes I've been working on lately.  Among other things, I rewrote and optimized the OT and data compactors.  I knew the new code had to be significantly faster just from an algorithm analysis point of view.  But we hadn't measured the actual impact yet, so we just did.  The below is the run time, in seconds, for one of the stress tests from our memory policy stress tests.

  • Old VM: 550 seconds.
  • New VM: 452 seconds.
The new code runs through the test about 21.5% faster.  Note this is just a preliminary result for code that has not been fully reviewed much less integrated at this time (and your mileage may vary, etc).  But still, that's yet another significant performance increase for the HPS memory manager on top of everything else...

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