Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fitting sequel to high school math update

I've heard excuses a million times. Math is hard, some people are born with it and some are not... there is even the term innumeracy and the argument that nothing is done about this problem because being numerically challenged is socially acceptable.

Meh. How about this? A 16 year old designs and makes this monster of a computer all on his own. He would have been Charles Baggage 150 years ago, that's pretty good for a 16 year old. Among other things,

The video itself explains that its overall size is more than 5 million cubic meters --- just over 250 x 250 x 100 blocks. It provides 14 functions, BCD input, 2 BCD-to-binary decoders, 3 binary-to-BCD decoders, and 6 rapid BCD adders and subtractors. It also contains floor after floor of live decoders for quick conversions, a 20 bit (output) multiplier, 10 bit divider, a memory bank and additional circuitry for the graphing function.

So you see, when you want, you can.

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