Friday, March 04, 2011

Follow the herd, lose your individuality

Check it out: evidence that agreeing to a "popular" opinion, even half-heartedly, actually changes your point of view. So, for example, louder music is better, and dynamic range compressed remasterings of old music are better. It doesn't matter that you think different, as long as you're exposed to other people that think these crappy recordings are good. Eventually, your brain will adapt to match.

Huh... so should we even listen to statements such as these?

  • The US unemployment rate is improving.
  • However, real estate will go through a double-dip even though unemployment was deemed the primary cause of buyer uncertainty.
  • Government employee unions caused huge budget deficits, so we need to cut their benefits while we cut business taxes so that more jobs are created. Or we need to cut business taxes because there isn't enough consumption to support more hires. Take your pick. But if we cut government employee salaries, those government employees will pay less for other things, so really it's a spending cut that ultimately will affect businesses... huh?
  • When you're done with the above, how about Blue Shield increasing health insurance premiums by 59%? Those are claimed to be "fair" increases. But how about unemployment and already low salaries, who's going to pay that? In any case, even the article spells out the truth: "California, which has 7 million uninsured people, the largest number of any single state, is mired in a $6 billion budget shortfall. "Until then, insurers continue to have the power to say 'No, we won't reduce rates,' and consumers have to say 'Yes, we will pay these higher rates,'" said Heller.". So, in other words, because we cut business taxes (or because of unions, or whatever you picked from before), then we the people have to either pay more taxes, or pay more health insurance. Huh. Where's my salary hike to put up with that? And why shouldn't businesses pay more taxes too?
And after you consider all these issues, and after you listen to all the published "popular" opinions, what happens to your brain? How do you know if you can even claim to be an "independent" thinker anymore?

I tell you, watch what you listen to, because it may corrupt your mind. And now, stop watching TV.

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