Friday, October 08, 2010

Smalltalk 2010 declared of provincial interest

A bit ago, the city of Concepción del Uruguay declared Smalltalks 2010 of municipal interest. Then, the Science, Technology and Innovation Agency of Entre Ríos (ACTIER) agency declared Smalltalks 2010 of interest as detailed here. Now, the Province (State) of Entre Ríos has just declared Smalltalks 2010 of provincial interest on the grounds that:

  • The faculty of the conference's site, the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional site at Concepción del Uruguay, proposes the motion to declare Smalltalks 2010 of provincial interest, as organized by the Fundación Argentina de Smalltalk (FAST), and to be carried out in Concepción del Uruguay, from November 11th through November 13th;
  • Said foundation is dedicated to to support and communicate the work of Argentine Smalltalk developers, faculty and researchers within the international Smalltalk community;
  • Said event has been organized annually since 2007, with local and international attendance including students, developers, faculty and researchers, who offer Smalltalk technology presentations and tutorials of great interest to the audience.
Many thanks go to Entre Ríos' Governor Don Sergio Daniel Urribarri, and to Entre Ríos Secretary of State and Minister of Education and Justice Cr. Adán Humberto Bahl.

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