Friday, April 16, 2010

Speaking of kewl...

So you like the latest movie, huh? Check it out: when you watch that movie for "entertainment" purposes, you're supporting people who argue the following:

  • Consumers should voluntarily install software that constantly scans our computers and identifies (and perhaps deletes) files found to be "infringing".
  • Copyright protection measures can be trojan horses for consumer surveillance.
  • You must declare pirated electronic content at customs crossings, and customs agents can scan and seize your electronic devices.
  • Trade sanctions should be imposed on countries that have technology friendly policies, e.g.: Chile was named for considering fair use-style exceptions to its copyright law; Canada was listed for requiring that its customs officers have a court order before seizing goods at the border; and Israel was highlighted for refusing to adopt DMCA-style anti-circumvention provisions after legislative debate concluded that anti-circumvention laws would have no effect on copyright infringement.
  • Big Hollywood studios should be allowed to enlist the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to provide taxpayer-supported muscle for summer blockbuster films, so that they can "interdict... and to react swiftly with enforcement actions". Would you like some SWAT team busting your house to determine whether you have any pirated content at gun point?
Source here, which goes into even greater detail. There's an easy solution to this mess: never, ever watch one of those movies again.

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