Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fundamentals section 6.2 done

I just finished section 6.2 of Fundamentals' second volume. The draft page count is 82. Next up, section 6.3 on thread safety.

You know, when I began writing this chapter, I was concerned I wouldn't have enough material to write something interesting. I wasn't really excited about it, and I just wanted to get through it as quickly as possible so I'd get to chapter 7 (which is about recursion). And yet, here I am, having a lot of fun, not even half done with chapter 6, and it's 50 pages long already.

If this pattern continues, I may have to split off chapter 9 (about optimization) into a third volume...

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Travis said...

Sounds like you are making excellent progress Andrés. I enjoy your books, and look forward to the others being published.