Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reality is in the eye of the beholder

Check this out --- how replacing a somewhat subjective perception with another somewhat subjective perception effectively changes reality. Essentially, you see what you want to see.

And it doesn't stop with the article. How many times have you heard many of the world's calamities be blamed on so-called "human nature"? Really? Are you absolutely sure we are born being fascists and other horrible things? The worst of our behavior is actually "human nature"? Or is it just how those that live above the law shaped our culture so their actions appear beyond reproach? Because, actually, quite a few of us are direct descendants of folks that wiped off the cultures that lived where our houses stand today --- but of course we hardly ever think that. So tell me, my friend, what have you learned to think of "human nature"?

Friday, January 01, 2010

SUnit improvements

Lately, SUnit has been picking up interesting enhancements for consideration:

  • classes are referenced via accessors, so you can refine by subclassing.
  • a new abstract class called TestAsserter has appeared (at least tentatively).
  • exception handling now uses polymorphic handlers that double dispatch on the exception.
These changes are very positive. In fact, they were the basis of my refactored SUnit which I ended up calling SUnit VM. I had implemented SUnit Based Validation and SUnit Benchmarks on top of SUnit VM precisely because I had that kind of flexibility available in SUnit VM. But now that SUnit is improving, SUnit VM becomes less valuable because vanilla SUnit is better. Consequently, I hope to obsolete SUnit VM and reimplement SUnit Based Validation and SUnit Benchmarks on top of SUnit. These are very good news, and I am happy with this progress. Hopefully these improvements will be integrated soon.

If you'd like to know more about SUnit Based Validation and SUnit Benchmarks, as well as some of the rationale behind the original changes in SUnit VM that are now making it into SUnit, check out chapter 4 of the mentoring course book.