Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smalltalks 2009 news

Hi there! We're just a few days away from the conference. The registration stands at 459 right now. We published the conference's schedule at FAST's website. Check it out, I can't wait for the conference to start!

Also, I wanted to mention a problem we have noticed. Some of the attendees registered using an MSN live email account. MSN live can reject emails we send them because MSN live thinks our emails are spam. Apparently, there's little to nothing we can do, and the recipients are not even notified about the problem. Thus, please be aware that we are organizing a social dinner event for Friday, November 20th. The cost will be between $60 and $80 pesos per person, roughly speaking. The menu will consist of red meats, with some alternate dishes for those that prefer to eat something else. If you want to attend and have a reserved spot, send us an email at info (@) fast (.) org (.) ar, with a subject line of "[Smalltalks 2009] Social Event / Evento Social".


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