Sunday, August 16, 2009

So far, it looks like e^x is king...

According to Epic Games' CEO,

  • An efficient single-thread algorithm for a CPU costs x to write.
  • Same as above but multi-threaded, costs 2x to write.
  • Same as above for the PS3 or Cell processor, costs 3x to write.
  • Same as above for a current generation GPGPU, costs 10x to write.
So, if this is a sample of things to come, what's the point of a 1000-core CPU? And note that these increases in complexity appear in a single machine. Undoubtedly, the costs have to grow even faster when multiple machines must collaborate to solve a problem. Other than that, maybe he's looking for a 3d graphics VM when he wishes it possible to just write 3d code irrespective of the target hardware and its proprietary APIs...

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