Friday, August 14, 2009

Fundamentals volume 1 published!

I just published the 400 page book Fundamentals of Smalltalk Programming Technique, volume 1. To some extent it's fitting that I am publishing another book this time of the year. I started writing the Mentoring Course book (of which the Hash book was chapter 7) almost 4 years ago. The three books total about 1200 pages.

Something I realized with the Mentoring Course book is that I could take advantage of mentoring myself because I had already sharpened several Smalltalk skills. The Fundamentals book talks about these abilities. As with the Mentoring Course book, there is too much material for a single book. Thus, the first volume just published talks about the controlled manipulation of boolean expressions, inheritance, and polymorphism. In fact, there is a continuum of points of view on the subjects, ranging from the goal of producing very little yet highly maintainable code, to the architecture of highly optimized implementations, as well as valuable compromises in between. In fact, at times, it is possible to avoid sacrificing flexibility for speed, or viceversa.

The second volume will talk about enumeration, recursion, weakness, and optimization. I am sure it will be a fun book to write. In the mean time, enjoy volume 1!


Travis said...

I ordered Fundamentals volume 1 and Hashing in Smalltalk last night, now I have a complete set =)

Shipping rates on lulu were high for anything but ground shipping, the rates for Vancouver Canada were;

Ground: 22.36
Economy: 48.41
Standard: 83.85
Express: 94.66

Andrés said...


Well, first of all, thank you! I hope you like the book :).

Regarding the shipping rates, I suspect all of those are for FedEx. In the US, there's USPS shipping which is considerably less expensive. However, I do have a bad experience with USPS that I thought I'd share.

At one point I got a bunch of books. They were shipped in two boxes, but only one of them arrived. Of course, shipping was cheaper, but that also meant the box was not tracked. Since Lulu had no way to figure out if I was telling the truth or not regarding the lost box, I had no choice other than to reorder essentially half the books at considerable expense. It kind of stinks because those books were not meant for profit to begin with, but oh well.

With one book, I might consider running the risk of losing it. On the other hand, the books I got for ESUG came via FedEx. At least I know that, if there is any shipping problem, Lulu knows where the books are and thus it can refund me for any potential trouble.

Sigh... can't have insured free shipping, or so it seems.

With that aside, I get the impression that the rates for FedEx and UPS have essentially doubled from no more than a decade ago... I wonder what's so different!