Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fundamentals books

Hello from ESUG's Camp Smalltalk! I am happy to report that the Fundamentals Volume I is about to become sold out, and the conference hasn't even started. Thank you everyone :).

Also, I started writing volume II already. The draft is sitting at 22 pages right now. I just have a skeleton of an introduction and a page of chapter 6 done at the moment. The rest is just chapter heading pages and empty sections that need to be filled out. I think I should be done in time for next year's ESUG. More to come!

PS: all the books I brought to ESUG are sold --- thank you!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Lulu a print-on-demand publisher? Why would it run out of copies or get sold out?

Andrés said...

I have promotion copies at ESUG :).

Anonymous said...

Is there an outline or table contents available for the book?

Andrés said...

Anonymous, you can see the table of contents with Lulu's preview. The link for the book is on the right hand side bar.