Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busted laptop hard drive

Yep, one of the laptop's disks is busted. What's almost comical is that e.g.: chkdsk says "sorry, unknown error, so I am not finishing". But SMART insists everything is fine: no seek errors, no relocated sectors, no ECC issues, nothing.

Fujitsu... for some reason, I never quite developed much trust for those drives. Now, I can't help distrusting them outright. I could understand broken mechanics and bad SMART values. But read rattles, unrecoverable errors, and SMART insists everything is fine? I wish Google had released the data for their assertion that SMART does not predict disk failures sorted by manufacturer. I do have direct evidence of Western Digital drives reporting lower than perfect scores, so I have a feeling some drives are smarter than others...

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