Sunday, July 05, 2009

Assessments 1.10

I didn't put out a notice for the new versions of Assessments. So... I fixed a small problem with resource failure notifications, an issue with one test that improperly scanned for the presence of optional code, and deleted a subclass of the evaluation context. I made the design decision that, in an evaluation context, the evaluation itself should be subject to a policy. I will create a couple evaluation policies later.

What about the to do list? I want to add a new checklist evaluator that sorts checklists / testcases by bundle and package. I also plan to add some (simple!!!) extensions to the RB. Finally, I want to redo how failures and errors leave the evaluation result window frozen while waiting on a semaphore. Hopefully I will feel inspired later this month. Nevertheless, the book still has priority over Assessments enhancements right now.

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