Monday, April 13, 2009

Smalltalks 2009...

So, my friend... in 2007, we started having a yearly Smalltalk conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In its first edition, we had about 300 registrations and a huge variety of high quality presentations. Last year's edition had material I didn't even dare suspect Smalltalk was being used for. Some of the presentations I remember fondly are:

  • How Smalltalk was used to improve the quality of service given by emergency dispatchers for a very large city, leading to e.g.: less deaths.
  • Percolation of viscous liquids through porous materials. This research effort produced original results.
  • How to write your own hard drive controller driver from Smalltalk in 5 minutes, after booting directly into Smalltalk without running an operating system.
  • A Commodore 64 emulator that works faithfully (I owned a Commodore 128, I know the Commodore 64 very well) and in real time.
This is seriously exciting stuff! And yes, we will have Smalltalks 2009 this year. Stay tuned...


Stinckwich said...

Andres, do you have a reference for the first application. I'm interested.

Andres said...

Here's a PDF I found.

Also, here are some slides from ESUG. You should contact Carlos Ferro (see the PPT file).