Thursday, March 19, 2009

Absolutely wonderful song

I have been listening to lately, and I ran across an incredibly beautiful song by Radix called "I realize". I already liked Tournesol a lot... this is great stuff!

The lyrics are from a poem by Kim Ault, they are read by Melissa Tan, and they go like this.

    If I could gather all the stars and hold them in my hand,
    the colors I would then possess would not be half as grand
    as those which I have seen when I look deep into your eyes,
    or come across when I have kissed your lips, I realize.

    If I could ponder all the truths men sought since time began,
    they would not teach me more than if I were to touch your hand
    For truth to no one you have touched appears as simple lies
    And nothing could be truer than your touch, I realize.

    If I were given lasting life as only God could do,
    I'd shun it all and turn away, if I could live with you.
    For even God has never known the immesurable size
    Of the love that is within your heart, I realize.

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