Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Comment about design

Recently I saw this post that says that the ctrl+3 shortcut in Eclipse is a display of its good design. All I saw was some drop down with options in a screenshot. Since I could not leave a comment (the thing didn't work), I am commenting here.

It is not enough to say "this is good". One also has to be able to say why. For example, why is it that ctrl+3 is good design? It is good compared to what?

Without any rationale such propositions become unfalsifiable, and then it is not rational discourse anymore.

So my friend, could anyone tell me why ctrl+3 resulting in that screenshot is an example of good design? Maybe there's something to learn, and it will be easier to do that if it is spelled out explicitly.


Lautaro said...

Hi Andrés, maybe he's talking about broom and shovel don't you think?

Just a joke :)

link: http://objetosreflexionesyalgomas.blogspot.com/2008/11/un-buen-diseo.html

Stefan Schmiedl said...

Maybe it's not the "Ctrl+3" per se, but the idea of showing the "most useful" or "most probably wanted" completions in a short list while providing an easy-to-reach keyboard (!) shortcut to get the full list.

Claudio Acciaresi said...

Hi, I made the post (if we can call it a "post"), and I agree with you, I did not explain it clearly.

What I wanted to express is that the ctrl+3 shortcut is maybe expressing some good design decisions in Eclipse.

But I am not really sure of it, that is why I wrote at the end of the post that I should see the code to judge..

But, the idea of the post was just to express that I had the sensation of a good design, this is because when you use the ctrl+3 shortcut what are shown in the dropdown are all the possible commands of the application, like run, debug, change fonts, apply a refactor, etc, etc...

So.. I thought that they may have all the commands reified (because I do not think that they are hardcoding the options), but i am not really sure...

Sorry for the confusion.

And I am really amazed that you guys read (at least once) my blog.