Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Smalltalks 2008 Coding Contest has begun

Ok, the coding contest for Smalltalks 2008 has begun. You can get the problem description and the materials to participate from the conference's web page.

... did we mention we have rewards this year?...

That's right. Thanks to our sponsors, we have very interesting prizes.

  • 1st prize: Ipod Touch, courtesy of Instantiations.
  • 2nd prize: MP4/MP5 2GB Nexxtech K107, courtesy of GeoAgris.
  • 3rd prize: Gift card at Yenny Bookstores, courtesy of Snoop Consulting.
Enticing? Feeling a bit antsy perhaps? Then participate! You can play at the finals remotely this year, so really... there are no excuses. Do it!

Finally, the contest's mailing list is below.

Google Groups

Smalltalks 2008 Coding Contest

Visit this group


Travis said...

The conference page link is broken.

Andres said...

I just tried and it worked. Are you sure you are not getting port 8001 blocked?

Travis said...

Your right, it was blocked.