Thursday, October 02, 2008

Book price advisory

Lulu just circulated a message detailing an upcoming change in their pricing structure. This is mostly about an adjustment to account for the increase in the cost of raw materials:

  • price of printing per page
  • cost of binding a book
Furthermore, there is the distinction between small and large books, for some page limit that was not immediately obvious to me.

While the new prices are still subject to modification, the changes will become effective on October 28th. That means that on or about this date, I may decide to adjust the book prices too in order to match the new printing costs.


Andreas said...

Have you ever thought of selling your books as eBooks?
I just don't know, if Sony, mobipocket or publish private books at all.

Andres said...


Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I think certain books need to be printed on paper.