Sunday, September 14, 2008

Smalltalks 2008 Coding Contest getting close

Hello, my friend... so, here's the deal. If all goes well, the Smalltalks 2008 Coding Contest will begin on October 1st. As usual, there will be a qualifier round to get to the finals at the conference. However, this time things will be different.

  • Anybody that completes the qualifier round goes to the finals, and
  • Anybody can participate in the final round.
That's right, you don't even have to be at the conference to play at the finals.

Antsy to tackle a 100% original problem? Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Nick Smith said...

Could you post a link to the code from the previous competitions please Andres.

I'm the newbie programmer (at ESUG) who loves your 'mentoring course' book but struggled with the 'patterns of perception' chapter. You said that example applications would help me.

Thank you. :)