Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The new to do list

Some months ago I wrote that my to do list had STS 2008, then ESUG, then the conference in Argentina, plus Assessments and on top of that I had to add the coding contest for Smalltalks 2008.

I am happy to say that all those items have been taken care of. So now I have the following list of items...

  • Host the Smalltalks 2008 Conference, including the coding contest which starts tomorrow.
  • Prepare a new talk for Smalltalks 2008.
  • Schedule talks at UNLP while I am in Argentina.
  • Write books.
Now, on the part regarding writing books... what's in the queue?
  • The Fundamentals book draft is still at 170 or so pages. Clearly it needs to grow.
  • Start preparing the second edition of the hash book --- yes, thanks to the valuable work of some of my readers, there needs to be a second edition with even more material. This will probably take at least a year of calendar time.
  • I need to review the mentoring course book because apparently the baseline implementation of SUnit Based Validation has drifted from the one referenced in the book.
  • I need to start preparing a book about all this coding contest activity.
Finally, I should spend some time and get my ANSI Smalltalk SEPs going.

It never ends, really. But it's so much fun!

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