Sunday, September 21, 2008

About money and the current state of affairs

We cannot pay our loans if we do not produce enough goods of any kind that maintain the trust of the people from whom we borrow. Because we are so short sighted that we only look at quarterly profits and so on, what happens is that there is a strong motivation to have people consume. The issue should be obvious by now: consumers do not produce valuable goods.

In some extreme form or efficiency, one could have robots produce things of value that people would consume. But even then there is no escape because an ever increasing population with an ever increasing desire to obtain exponentially growing profits will be ultimately limited by the finite natural resources available to keep the machinery churning. In other words,

by stressing short term realization of profits, we are sacrificing our long term ability to produce things of value.

What are these things of value? Well, like, food and shelter for example. Or the knowledge and applied know how that will keep our standard of living above that of cavemen.

Really: who cares about the 700 billion, or even what is the number. The real problem is that we're living off the promise that the future will always be bigger and better, and that is what should be called into question.

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