Monday, August 04, 2008

Actual behavior

While hanging out with friends, I've come to superficially know of some folks. The knowledge is mostly based on observation of their behavior. And today it is that I have made an interesting discovery.

The thing is that this guy likes to flirt with any woman that happens to be nearby, and sing karaoke changing the lyrics into a barrage of nastigrams. In particular, what usually comes out is a whole bunch of chauvinistic language.

Sure, whatever, one could say he's having fun. But today? No. Today it's a completely different facet: a wife, two kids, and what could be described as adorably tender demeanor.

So my friend, what is there to learn from this? That what people say does not matter in the least. Rather, what counts is only what they do.

It is all about behavior.

Next up: a politician's speech...

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