Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome to reality

So, with hurricane Gustav generally going towards New Orleans, comes the inevitable question. Has the homework been done after Katrina made a mess? Or has no homework been done instead, in which case who knows how bad it will get?

Well, let reality be the judge of that. The results will be out there for everybody to see in no more than 120 hours from now.


jarober said...

No amount of homework can solve the problem of making ground that is below sea level handle a strong hurricane.

Unless by "homework" you mean "don't live there".

I might as well ask a developer "my password is easy to guess, but you experts should figure out how to make it hard to break".

Andres said...

Oh, right, I totally agree there. My point is that since the decision to not move the city was made, then one has to wonder well... hopefully the people that made this decision did their corresponding homework of, say, strengthen levees and all of that. Please???...

Because if not, it is much worse than a disaster... it's more along the lines of gross negligence, and for that there should be consequences.