Saturday, August 09, 2008

ESUG slides ready

I wish every night was like last night. Alas, it is not possible. So when the magic is there, it has to be taken advantage of. What happened was that I decided to start working on the ESUG presentation slides.

At first I thought I'd work on that for a bit and continue on for the next few days. After all, it was past midnight already. But it turned out into something completely different. I felt enthusiastic, and so I simply kept going.

By 8am or so, the initial draft was reviewed by the most helpful of beta testers. Maybe calling it a draft is misleading. The slides had no errors, and were pretty much final. I even got praise for the color scheme.

This is one more item off my to do list, and it feels good. More importantly, however, I was just going over the slides and I can't help feeling the presentation is going to be something...

... well, hopefully so! We will see in a couple weeks.

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