Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Vacation, eh?

Sure, why not... let's go out to the wilderness and don't do anything for a while. And yet, I knew I was lying to myself. I predicted I wouldn't last even 3 days before I'd be compelled to go create new things.

Indeed. Today for example. I had been doing little things in the last 2 days, and the stuff ready for coding piled up quickly. Yesterday I had a design session for the Smalltalks 2008 coding contest, and this caused even more implementation details to appear out of thin air. All of this material is going to my queue of things to do, and now I cannot take this anymore. I need to finish Assessments and push the size of the queue back down. Hopefully I'll be done within the next 4 hours. We'll see how it goes...

Update A1: 130 minutes later, Assessments has native validation facilities. Next up, the SUnit Validation bridge. 148 classes, exactly 1000 methods, ~6.76 methods / class.

Update A2: a few minutes later, some refactoring, cleanup and bug fixes resulted in the overall deletion of one method. 148 classes, 999 methods, 6.75 methods / class.

Update B: 25 minutes after update A1, some 165 minutes since I started, Assessments runs existing validators successfully. What's funny is that the assessment checklist uses the bridged validator to run the tests :). Some small issues remain, but it's nothing serious.

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