Sunday, July 27, 2008

SUnitToo coming to Assessments

Well, the new SUnitToo bridge just began. Just 5 classes and 11 methods were enough for Assessments to do the following things.

  • Become aware of SUnitToo.
  • Remap all SUnitToo test cases into Assessment checklists, if SUnitToo is detected.
  • Show the remapped test cases in the checklist evaluator.
  • Execute SUnitToo tests via the Assessments evaluation framework, including handling FailedAssertion properly.
The pending task list is as follows.
  • The pragmatized test selectors are not supported yet.
  • SUnitToo resources look like they will work, but this has not been verified.
  • The hierarchy rules in SUnitToo need to be understood, modeled and implemented as necessary in the test bridge.
  • The SomeError exception needs to be researched to see if Assessments needs to handle it as a special case.
But hey --- not bad for 5 classes and 11 methods! Hopefully this trend can be maintained.

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