Monday, July 28, 2008

A flash back

Look at what I found in my bookshelf: a stack of 3x5 index cards I scribbled on 6 years ago regarding things I thought worth writing a book about!

I reviewed them, and as it turns out I've yet to write about the majority of the material. I think the Fundamentals book will be an opportunity to take care of the good stuff. Some ideas were bad, so I discarded those cards. And finally, a few of them actually have been treated and have been written about. Here is one that I think is particularly nice.

How about that! A card describing SUnit Based Validation dated 5/17/2002! Next to that there was a card on Complex Conditions.

I also found another one showing some of my all time favorite selectors. The messages are sent by windows to the main menu object so the [Print] action is dispatched accordingly.

Heh... "pledge to print" and "renounce pledge to print"... I still remember using the thesaurus to find the right words for that!

There is a total of 14 cards. As a result, the Fundamentals book grows further...

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