Sunday, July 27, 2008

Assessments 1.0 beta 7

I just published Assessments 1.0 beta 7. It has the following enhancements and fixes.

  • SUnitToo is now bridged into Assessments as well. However, note that asking isUnavailable or isAvailable to an SUnitToo test resource which has been stopped will start it again. This currently causes Assessments to detect that a prerequisite failed to stop.
  • A case of inject: Set new into: [:t :x | t addAll: x such] missing a yourself was detected and fixed. Doh...
  • The checklist evaluators got confused when dealing with prerequisite start / stop errors. This has been addressed via polymorphism.
174 classes, 1178 methods, ~6.77 methods / class.

Of the new 8 classes and 22 methods added since the last code change in beta 6, implementing the SUnitToo bridge needed exactly 8 classes and 16 methods. To me, this is just a mere, modest consequence of applying the programming techniques which I have trained myself so hard to use over the last 12 years. Seeing concrete evidence that they make this kind of programming possible, as well as having the chance to watch myself going through the process in a manner similar to that of liquids flowing around obstacles, makes me happy.

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