Friday, July 18, 2008

Another hibernation issue

How about this one? It is extremely irritating indeed. The machine in which it happens is a Dell D820 with 2gb, running Windows XP.

  • Start up after hibernation.
  • As soon as the "unlock" dialog comes up, try to log back in as fast as possible.
  • Make sure you move your USB mouse a lot, too.
Then, every so often you get a dialog saying "preparing for hibernation", and the laptop promptly goes to hibernate again. Grrr!!!


Andreas said...

you really seem to have a problem with your drivers.
I have the same notebook and hibernation works just fine!
That's a problem with XP, it allows drivers, that compromise the system.
But of course, you can't possibly "upgrade" to Vista. ;-)

Andres said...


I do not know what to say... I have not done anything other than using what I have been provided, and I keep the system up to date patch wise.

My personal laptop does not have this problem (although the network one does reproduce).


Andres said...

Oh, and by the way...

Vista is not touching any computer for which I have to spend a single dollar out of my own pocket.