Friday, June 20, 2008

At STS 2008...

Now on the air from STS 2008... just a few comments here and there as I do not have lots of time.

  • Georg Heeg on finding Bach's house: amazing, fantastic. What a great story!
  • Leandro Caniglia on user changes: an illustration of how great it is to find the correct simple idea to take to its last consequences, and how fruitful this can be.
  • GemStone BOF: these guys simply rock. Maglev rocks. Their performance tuning rocks. GemStone itself seems to set the bar for everything else.
It feels bad not to talk about everything else that has been going on, but on the other hand I have some updates on my own work.
  • Assessments now supports SUnit test resources.
  • I got to talk about Minesweeper again, and I got some more ideas that now I need to track down. It is not fair, it really isn't. There is not enough time to think about everything!
Finally, I've been hearing very nice things about the books. This makes me happy because it is an independent confirmation of the fact that they are actually useful. Hopefully I will also hear about the errors I am sure they have when they become evident.

Gotta go!

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