Friday, April 18, 2008

Twice this week

The first time... I was dreaming of a nice looking Solaris setup, with a debugger that looked like Smalltalk but was really a C debugger. The stack was top to bottom, and all the lines began with an uppercase character. They were functions. The windows had the pale blue background color I use on Windows. What I was working on was that in some cases the native stack got trashed, and while looking around I found that optimized block contexts were damaged such that answering the message #class would answer nil. At this point, quite happy for having found the bug, I woke up at 3am.

The second time... on the plane back I fell somewhat asleep, and I started dreaming about the VM's internal storage of Windows socket I/O semaphores. I was examining the use of the free list pointers and the CRUD mechanism, looking for potential bugs. Unfortunately a seat had to be fixed next to me, and as such I was prevented from doing further work while resting.

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