Saturday, April 05, 2008

New weekend, more to write

This week has gone quickly... almost a blur.

Work wise, there was more than plenty to do, lots of learning about new things, and strong challenges that seem to extend into the far future the more I look at them. There is also progress on them, which is good. I also managed to start playing pool again. After having to put up with my lack of practice, some of the nice shots I was making are back. Today's neat shot was a two rail cross corner bank shot (short, long, and cross corner pocket... 2 table lengths). I still can't stand myself though... I need to put in a lot more time into practice.

Sigh... I still feel like I need an assistant. I have been consciously neglecting some chores as much as possible because I can't help seeing them as unnecessary interruptions. Unfortunately I need to take care of them now, and I really do not feel like it at all. And I am really tired, and I am ready to rest.

Rest, huh? Not so fast, my little lazy friend... I still need to finish chapter 2 of the fundamentals book. I hope this is the weekend when I finish it. We shall see what I have to comment on by Sunday night in about 48 hours.

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