Saturday, March 29, 2008

More fundamentals

In another burst of work, 6 pages full of text got written in about 90 minutes tonight. The fundamentals book got to 48 pages, and it's growing quite fast. I will be writing some more in a bit, so it's very likely that it will reach 50 pages soon.


Anonymous said...

This is great news Andres! I'm looking forward to the book. As a novice-intermediate Smalltalk programmer, I've learned enough to shoot myself in the foot, it seems.

Will the fundamentals book be like Smalltalk by Example. I'm hoping it covers more material such as: How to recover from a corrupted image by replaying the changes file, how to effectively code in the debugger, how to use the debugger to learn the source code (I'm told that more advanced Smalltalk programmers learned Seaside simply by following the state of the computation in the debugger and inspector.

These are the types of topics that I think got left out of Smalltalk books such as Smalltalk by Example and Squeak by Example (the 2 best introductory Smalltalk books that I know of).

Andres said...


To an extent, the fundamentals book is meant to folks such as yourself.

What I am trying to do is to put down the things I was comfortable with that made it possible to take advantage of meeting my mentor. I have to say some of them have become mostly invisible to me. I had not thought about the debugger... I'll have to think about that :).