Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's Smalltalks 2008!

So my friend, here is a brief advisory: Smalltalks 2007 was not just one of a kind. In fact, this year's Smalltalks conference in Buenos Aires is ramping up. Start preparing those papers for when the call for participation comes out!


Anonymous said...

Will the conference be in English?

How easy is it to get around Buenos Aires without Castellano?

Andres said...


We are in the process of shaping the conference. We will have more information about this and other topics when the formal announcement comes out.

As to the ease to get around Buenos Aires without Castellano, I'd like to think that the influx of tourists has made getting around easier, but by no means I am an authority on the matter.

Colin Putney or James Foster may have a better idea since they were at the conference last year.


pancho said...

are you aiming at mid-december (like last year)?