Friday, January 18, 2008

That happy feeling

Something I really enjoyed in my past life as an inhabitant of a trading floor was to interact with the users of the software I was working on. This would invariably lead to customizations, improvements and fixes directly related to the daily experience of people working next to me. I tried very hard to make them happy, and when I could do that it felt great.

And now I am seeing similar things in my current life. For example, I wrote the Hash Analysis Tool to check on the quality of hash functions, and I am hearing good things from customers. Even better: Holger Kleinsorgen wrote additional user interfaces to the Hash Analysis Tool and published them to the public repository. I just merged his work into the main branch, and did some refactoring of what I had done before so the new functionality integrates better. So now, thanks to Holger, we have the capability to quickly compare any number of hash functions against a single data set much more easily than before.

I am also working on a manual for the Hash Analysis Tool with Holger. Hopefully we will be done with it soon so it can be published.

More of the same, please!

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