Thursday, October 25, 2007

Avoiding the mirror

Really? Exponential growth cannot go on forever? I could have never figured it out!

Check out the sobering stats --- we're about 30% in the red. Now of course, the actual percentage number does not matter. The issue here is that we are not in the black in the first place. In turn, this implies that sooner or later, this world of fancy, constant distraction and entertainment regardless of the cost is going to come to an end.

Given this knowledge, we can make a decision. Either we will care enough to modify our cancerous behavior in time, or a lot of people will die.

So, my friend: do we care? Apparently, not enough.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, nobody seems to care. Those who do care are, in my opinion, are powerless to do something about it. I should have known earlier in my life that money is power (oil, coal and auto companies are using a lot of money to prevent innovation). Maybe might help...

Anyway, here is some other piece of horrible news:

I'm going to buy a solar power pack and other emission reduction measures but I'm not sure if it is going to do much good since someone else out there will mindlessly cancel out my carbon-neutral efforts.

Have you seen PBS Nova episode called "Global Dimming"? That episode makes Al Gore's movie look very optimistic in comparison....

Andres said...


I think that as long as our lives revolve around having stuff and using money as a goal, we will not be able to transcend our own mundane existence and fix this issue once and for all.

Of course, our societies' lack of incentive to transcend begs the question... who benefits if we continue our current path?


PS: I do not watch TV at all.