Thursday, May 31, 2007

Presentations at UNLP last Monday

I was invited to do three presentations at UNLP last Monday. We had a blast --- full rooms, lots of very interesting questions, and a lot of interest as well. I truly hope that the material was useful to those that attended, and the feedback coming from the hosts and organizers indicate that indeed it was. What a great experience!

The visit to UNLP also seems to offer confirmation that extending SUnit a la SUnit VM, with Validation and Benchmarks being examples of extensions, is a useful way to attack problems related to testing. It was almost astonishing to have Andres Fortier get back to me after the last talk and tell me that SUnit Benchmarks was exactly what he needed. We exchanged a number of extremely interesting ideas on the subject, like integration of SUnit Benchmarks and Store.

Interaction is great. Perhaps in our daily jobs we tend to not see it as often, but it is such a powerful mechanism to get from where we are to the next level. I even feel like writing "participation or stagnation --- pick one and only one".

This brings on the fact that I feel a more urgent need to do some tasks related to SUnit Very Much and SUnit Extensions that I had been pushing back for a while... more to come on that department :).

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