Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On change and the crossing of boundaries

As others have said before, I insist on paying attention to distinctions. They are these regions in which we cluster similar values, separated from other regions in which we cluster different values. In an information space, processes that travel in it induce attractors in the space by means of their intentions because their effective trajectories tend towards them. By mapping the attractors of the space, one can draw distinctions in it by drawing where the separatrices between the attractor basins are.

Being aware of all this makes you look at things from a particular point of view. Change, in particular, this act of crossing a boundary, becomes a most strange phenomenon. When you leave someone behind at an airport, for example, there is a time when you are with the other person, then a moment when you are no longer with the person but when changing your mind is still possible, and a moment when going back becomes impossible without considerable effort.

Such is our experience of crossing distinctions and moving from one attractor basin to the next. A time of approaching the boundary, a time when our direction does not feel clear because we are equally influenced by similarly powerful attractors, and a time when one of those attractors becomes dominant again.

As I write these lines, finally... the first glimpse of exactly what is a process begins to come clear. And with it, the understanding that it is not possible to go against the current and try to escape your attractor directly. But if you change, you induce different attractors in the space, and the new attractors move you in the space.

Change, and the crossing of boundaries --- what an adventure!

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