Friday, December 29, 2006

Being there, again

I watched Being There again with my sister a while ago. I can't help noticing how faint is our relationship with reality and with what we consider to be true. Ah, the endless times it becomes evident every day.

The way in which we react automatically to certain words. The default way of interpreting things. The same gestures, the same ideas, the same thoughts, the same manner of speech.

And then you see it in older people whom you knew when younger. I cannot escape the feeling that when we get older and our behavior becomes a bit strange, it's not really weird or foreign. The behavior patterns were always there, only now they are not modulated as well as before. Thus, they do not resonate as well with the environment... a bit as if more debuggers came up, but more and more with a default handler that just proceeds.

Some experiments I've done this year seem to confirm this line of thought. The contest was about creating a program that followed extremely simplistic rules. Other simulations I wrote in the same framework confirm the power of proper modulation of even naive behavior tendencies.

Life... what a strange phenomenon.

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