Saturday, November 25, 2006

Video going out the door non stop!

Just 15 minutes after I posted the link to the ftp, the downloads started. They have been going out straight for the last 3.5 hours. The minimum upload speed has been around 100kb/sec, but most of the time it has been 300kb/sec or more --- such as now, when data is flowing at about 500kb/sec. In addition, outgoing traffic has spiked up to 796kb/sec, reaching 100% of the bandwidth capacity.

I am absolutely amazed --- I didn't expect this amount of interest at all! I had thought well perhaps you know 3 or 4 downloads today, then a trickle for a couple months and so on. I was happy with the video being useful for someone already. But this? Wow.

Thank you so much for this. I hope that you like the videos as much as I enjoyed making them. If you have any comments --- neutral, good, bad --- please please let me know so I can make them better.

Enjoy, and thanks again!


Anonymous said...

comments? yeah, put them on youtube or something similar.... so we can save some time (all of us)

Tom K said...

Perhaps you should consider publishing a torrent version, to ease some of the bandwidth usage.

Andres said...


Putting the video up on some service such as Google Video has, at least to me, the drawback that in order to support streaming the bitrate and thus the quality must go down.

Since this video is high resolution and I'd like it to stay that way, those solutions don't quite work.

To make it worse, typically you cannot save down the original version of the video when watching streamed footage. Thus, you cannot make an archival copy for your own purposes.

For example, until the bonus track became available, you couldn't just save a copy of it because the streaming prevented you from doing so. That means that as soon as the streaming service decided it was no longer necessary to provide the hosting (either for this particular video, or a number of them, or all of them), you wouldn't be able to watch them anymore.

Therefore, I'd rather offer proper footage files. Then you guys can do as you please.


Andres said...


I thought about that, but I had assumed there wouldn't be so much interest. And then, I would still be hosting the file most of the time anyway.

Fortunately, however, the upload pipe here has not been brought to its knees. Thus, I think that FTP is good for now. This might change in the future, so I will keep in mind the bittorrent tip in mind.