Saturday, November 18, 2006

Polymorphism at its best --- NYC SUG 11/29!

I have been given the honor of giving another presentation at NYC's Smalltalk User Group. This time, it's going to be on the amazing consequences of using polymorphism to increase execution performance, and in this case, how sending regular messages beats heavily optimized things like ==.

Yes, there is no typo in the paragraph above. Normal message sends running faster than ==. And not just by a hair, no no no. I mean up to 60% faster!!! This is serious stuff.

And besides, the half-optimized, non-inlined version runs, on average, within 74% of the original unmaintainable inlined and already optimized version. But if you can get that performance without large chunks of code and things like ==, are you sure you really need to inline everything into a blanket method?

These matters and more, including some of the most absolutely beautiful code I've written, it will be all for you my friend. The one hour, extended, enhanced, polished, encore presentation of the original OOPSLA 2006 demo, "Writing Truly Efficient Smalltalk". November 29, at NYC's Smalltalk User Group meeting.

Don't miss it --- and see you there for a great fun time!

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