Saturday, November 25, 2006

Old notes shining as new

As I was going through some old files, I found some notes I took down while at Smalltalk Solutions 2006. I think I posted on them already, but three paragraphs that I am almost sure I didn't use jumped at me. I wrote this only 7 months ago, and yet it seems like new to me.

So, what is this bunch of words that keep repeating themselves? Massive. Multiplayer. Global. Connection. Stuff. Out there. Play with. What is it that we want? Is it interaction because we're isolated? Because in our $ based society people don't matter? Because the idea we get to fix this is to use computers?

Difficult things to do... you have two inspectors, are the objects being inspected == or not? Global variables vs the identityHash lottery.

As there are demo competitions, do we need Smalltalk competitions? What would be the equivalents of demo, 64k, 4k and so on?

Man, I really need to get going with my stuff.

By the way, footage downloads are still going on without pause...

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Reinout Heeck said...

"you have two inspectors, are the objects being inspected == or not?"

In Visualworks the inspector already supports this with the menu item 'Tools'->'Compare to clipboard...'

It reuses an already existing global ;-)