Saturday, October 07, 2006

Us vs. Them mentality

I went over the page Blaine linked, the one with the quotes about Smalltalk people being arrogant and such.

Let's assume all that is true. After all, even today I meet Smalltalkers that are nearly intractable because they won't listen, or they will be unnecessarily aggressive, and in general will care more about themselves than about getting the job done.

But wake up and smell the coffee, my friend:

The Smalltalk community does not have exclusive rights to such people.

There are people like that everywhere! In fact, how about the people you meet every single day, all those with whom you cannot even utter certain words because otherwise you get judged as guilty of all possible crimes? Isn't doing that equivalent to assuming that "this person has idea X, I do not like idea X, therefore I do not like this person"? Isn't that awful close to concluding that "I do not like this person, therefore I do not like any of this person's ideas either"? How's that for being arrogant?

What should happen is that the arrogant people should get ostracized for being obnoxious, and that some other less arrogant people should take their place. Fortunately, that has a healthy tendency to occur over time. But by far the most important thing that should happen is that people become able to listen to each other. And please note that listening is much more than hearing some sound coming off from some mouth nearby.

In the mean time, why do we have to mix whether the arrogant person knows Lisp, Java, or Cobol with the fact that we cannot stand the person to begin with? What in heck do the qualities of whatever programming language have to do with how unbearable the person that knows such languages is?

Computer programming issues are perpendicular to how beautifully people look in a mirror.

This whole so-called issue is pointless, and a complete waste of energy. The lesson we should learn once and for all is to let go of people issues when we deal with technical problems. Because it's not like if Moe, Larry and Curly are pissed off at each other, all of a sudden their development tasks become easier to accomplish.

Once we ditch all this nonsense away, we will be more able to just do our best. And that would be bad because... ???...

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