Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday at OOPSLA so far

Well... since this morning, many things have been going on.

I met with Vassili Bykov this morning, eventually Roger Whitney came by, then Travis, Martin McClure, Eric Winger, John Brant, and others. We went to have lunch and we had a great time. Some of the conversations included: optimization of 32-bit GemStone performance of GbxLargeDictionaryBucket, Smalltalk being used for generating code for sensors running on tiny hardware (900mhz Crossbow CPU, 4kb ram, 512kb flash), Smalltalk being used at JP Morgan, performance of VisualAge GC when the old space is almost full (the new space won't get tenured leading to spending most time copying between the semispaces), performance of Smalltalk code, John Brant's torture tests for RB (e.g., go to String and inline basic methods over and over again and make sure the image doesn't crash), a P2P approach to using shared page caches in GemStone to avoid overloading the Stone with traffic, and many other things.

I insist --- if you are not here, then you're missing all the fun.

We're currently by the E rooms as the wiki conveniently informs. Come on by and join the fun :).

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