Friday, October 27, 2006

Life Index Lyrics --- Update

So... listening to FR-034 again, I filled a couple blanks since last time.

  1. From simplicity into complexity.
  2. From singular cell into freewill.
  3. As my heart beats, I feel the seconds less.
  4. I shall cherish it where others don't understand.
  5. Violent nectar [?] of life, something you never knew.
  6. This rose is for you only, Kammi my absent friend.
  7. It has bloomed in the garden of my subconsciousness,
  8. in the tragedy I wish not to comprehend.
  9. We slow down.
What a beautiful work... if you have not seen it yet, check it out.

Update: here are the actual strings used for the synthesizer.
  1. !frAAm 1 sIHmpl2IHsI1HtIY !IHntOW kAAmpAXlEHksIHtIY
  2. !frAAm sIHNGgyUWlER sE2Hl !IHntUfrI2YwIHl
  3. !AEs mAY hAArtbI1Yts !AY fI3Yl DHAX sEHkAOnds 1 llE2Hs
  4. !AY 4 SHAOl CHEHrIHSH IHt WHEHr !AHDH1ERz !dOWnt3AHnd2ERst2AEnd
  5. !vAYWlEHnt 1 nEYtCHER !AXv l2AYf !s1AHmTHIHNG yUW 2 n2EHvER nUW
  6. !1DHIHs !rOWz IHz f1AOr 2 yUW 3OWnlIY kAAmmAX mAY 2AEbsEHnt frIYEHnd
  7. !IHt hAEz blUWmd IHn DHAX g1AArdEHn !AXv mAY sAHbkAAnSHAXsnEHs
  8. !IHn DHAX trEYjEHdIY 6 AY wIHSH nAAt tUW k1AAmprIHhEHnd
  9. !w3IY sl2OW d4AWn
If somebody could please verify the beginning of line 5, I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance! See here for more details, data files, and a winamp plugin that plays V2 synthesizer files.

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