Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An experiment

So finally I decided to implement what I dreamt some time ago... an environment in which there is a soup of labels out of which you distinguish blobs, on which you mount behavior by means of name maps... but then of course behavior is also a name map, and so are blobs, so it's very clear that all of these are just functions from the label manifold into itself.

I knew that this was equivalent to Smalltalk. What I didn't expect was to see how Smalltalk could be derived from that interpretation, and how much more compact and concise Smalltalk is. The only thing "missing" from Smalltalk is more refactoring to take advantage of similarity of behavior patterns more effectively.

Even then, it's interesting to look at Smalltalk from that point of view... a "user optimized" implementation of an information manifold manipulation framework.

Update: I commented what happened to Dan Ingalls, who promptly responded that right, that is what Smalltalk was designed to do.

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Anonymous said...

I've always described Smalltalk as as Lisp with a human friendly syntax.