Monday, October 23, 2006

Dynamic Language Symposium at OOPSLA

I saw a very interesting talk a while ago, given by Ian Piumarta. Essentially, what is the least possible set of machinery that you need to build dynamic (e.g., modify objects at runtime, modify behavior at run time, etc) languages.

Just as an example, it was surprising to see things like a full Javascript implementation in 400 lines of code.

The necessary material you need is Meta-II, written in the early sixties. Or, on the other hand, ask Ian for their implementation which they will release in 1-2 months.

Very very iiiiiiiinteresting, my friend.

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Carl Gundel said...

Forth can certainly be considered a dynamic language. As I understand it a basic Forth system can be implemented in about 1K of RAM. It isn't object oriented, but it can be extended and OO extensions are available.